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A; 1447 Mitchell Road porch

[So, it appears that there's a leopard sitting on the banister of the porch today. It might look asleep, or maybe it's looking at you with one eye. Either way, it doesn't seem keen on moving.

Pokemon trainers familiar with Unova's Pokemon would recognize this as a Liepard, of course.]

B; grocery store
[Hilda, meanwhile, is at the store! She sure does seem to be getting a lot of meat. Samurott, her rather large sea lion-like Pokmeon, has the basket, since he can carry more than her.]

I think this should be enough...
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1447 Mitchell Road porch
[Hilda is sitting out on the banister of the porch, watching Mayfield and eating a piece of cake she bought at the bakery--chocolate with strawberries on top. She's seventeen now, so that means--well, that she's missed her birthday on the 18th of September. It wasn't until she glanced at a calendar and saw it was October that she realized her birthday had been lost in the mess with the zombies, although none but herself and her Pokemon were even aware of it. Samurott was sitting just behind her, Cinccino balanced on her shoulder and trying to look cute enough to earn a strawberry, and Reuniclus was hovering just beside Samurott.]

Do you think they'll move me somewhere else next September?

[Her Pokemon can't offer an answer. This is her first birthday without Bianca and Cheren giving her gifts, without her mother making her cake, without being home. It's the first time she missed it completely, too.]
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A; Mayfield streets
[Hilda wasn't really aware of what was going on until the drones started looking less somewhat creepy smiling robots and more rotting moaning corpses out of a movie. After narrowly avoiding being grabbed by one, she hops on Samurott starts heading for home.

So, one girl on a giant sea lion monster running down the road. Wat do?]

B; 1447 Mitchell Road
[Hilda enters the house carefully, not entirely sure what she should be expecting. She's hoping it's not more zombies, though. Samurott watches her back as she walks in and shuts the door. Reuniclus is floating nearby, too. Cinccino is in her Pokeball, because Hilda doesn't want to send the Pokemon to bite one of those things.]

Holland? Canada? Hey!
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Bowling Alley; locked to Estonia
[Hilda's given a rude awakening when she rolls off the bench she was on and lands on the bowling alley ground. It's definitely not her bedroom in Mayfield, so she pops up pretty quickly, automatically reaching for Pokeballs that aren't there. She's surprised to find herself in a bowling alley, but more importantly, where are her Pokemon?]

Hey, guys?
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A; 1447 Mitchell Road; morning

[After the last two days of having Canada and Holland die to keep any of them from going crazy again, Hilda decided there was no way she could let them keep doing it on their own. All she'd gotten were some cuts--admittedly painful ones, but she'd survived, right? Of course, getting the milk before either of them wasn't going to be easy, and she was sure someone would notice if she snuck out of her bedroom.

The solution, of course, was using the window and jumping out to where Samurott waited to catch her. So she takes the milk directly from the Milkman--trying to pretend she wasn't afraid of him--and drinks a bottle right there on the front step. It doesn't do anything at first, at least. Maybe she got lucky.

When Holland and Canada come downstairs, they'll find Hilda dumping out the rest of the bottles in the sink. She's feeling a bit sick to her stomach by this point, but not awful yet.]

B; 1447 Mitchell Road; afternoon

[Okay, now she feels awful, curled up on her bed clinging to Cinccino, sobbing into the little Pokemon's fur. Samurott is pacing her room, watching any who approach his trainer with a more critical eye than usual and nuzzling up to the girl as best a giant samurai sea lion can. As for Hilda, she's never been in this much pain before; her body is shaking from the sheer exhaustion of it.]

C; phone

[Hilda doesn't sound at all good--her voice is shaky and somewhat muffled, because turning her head any more seems like too much painful effort.]

What's the worst thing the milk can do to you?
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A; Mitchell Road

[[Hilda is walking down the road with her Pokemon. This is normal enough for her, except for a couple of things:

One, she, Samurott, and Cinccino and carrying bags from the grocery and hardware store.

Two, Samurott had a refrigerator strapped to his back.]

B; 1447 Mitchell Road, basement

[Hilda has left the basement door open, which may be the first sign she is down there. Of course, come a bit closer and it's obvious something is going on down there, with all the noise. Head downstairs, and Hilda and her Pokemon are hard at work.

The refrigerator is set up in a corner of the basement, and Samurott and Cinccino are both putting the food away. Hilda herself has acquired tools from the garage and is doing her best to cut some planks of wood down. She's working from a book, but who knows how she got it (hint: Samurott acquired it from a drone man leaving the library).]

This would be easier if Liepard were here... Samurott, don't eat that, you'll spoil your dinner.
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A; 1447 Mitchell Road
[Hilda hadn't fared too well in her first great adventure into Mayfield events--while she survived, Hilbert had died and returned a drone, and there was the shootout in the pharmacy that had turned into a bloodbath. She hadn't been feeling too well lately, sick with worry and wishing she could have done something.

When a package arrives addressed to her, she almost forgets what that means. Once she sees the familiar red and white Pokéball inside, though, she lights up for the first time since May and releases her Pokemon right in the living room.]

Samurott, you're alright!

[And now there is a girl hugging a creature much larger than herself, the creature making happy noises in return.

Yeah, she trains animals that are a bit larger than rabbits.]

B; lake
[And now, to distract herself from all the things she doesn't want to be thinking about, what better than some training? She's got a stopwatch and is balanced on top of Samurott expertly, tossing rings into the air for him to chase down at top speed. Five points each time he catches one on his horn.]

C'mon, we can definitely go faster than this, right?
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A; Phone

Does anyone know what that census is for...?

B; route to school

[Hilda is late. Again. She still hasn't adjusted her sleeping schedule to allow her to comfortably get up early enough to make it to school on time, so now she's running down the street--something which will probably be familiar to those who live on the route who are up at this time. She's attempting to swallow a muffin on the way. Really, what's the point of still going to school at this point?

She's pretty sure she forgot one of her books, too, but she's not about to go back for it now. It's just for a drone class anyway. Anyone who happens to be walking down the street, she's dodging around you like she's in an obstacle course.]

Ah, it's just not fair, who wakes up before eight in the morning...?
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a; 1447 Mitchell Road
[Hilda recognizes that she's not in the clothes she went to sleep in almost immediately, because she's in a nightgown now, and that's not really practical sleepwear for a trainer. It isn't until she opens her eyes she realizes she's in an entirely foreign area. When a search of the room doesn't turn up her Poke Balls, or any of her things for that matter, she really gets worried.

Borrowing some clothes from the closet and frowning at how old-fashioned they seem, she steps out cautiously into the house.]

b; around town
[Have a nervous-looking sixteen-year-old, Mayfield! She looks quite stunned by the entire situation, and keeps giving uncertain looks at any animals she sees. They're not any Pokemon she recognizes, after all.

She's going to have to stop someone and ask them.]

Excuse me! What town is this?

[She's trying not to look like she's as completely lost as she is. Maybe someone would believe she wandered in, but not that she woke up in a house in town with no idea how she'd gotten there and all her things missing. How often could that possibly happen?]
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